Annual reports

NOTE: The NSW Auditor General performs the Audit of Financial statements of the University as a whole. The Auditor-General has not specifically performed procedures that ensured that the financial statement presented in our Annual Reports prior to 2013 were true and fair or in accordance with the University’s accounting policies. Further, at the date the certification was signed by the Finance Director, the Audit-General had not completed the audit of the University’s financial statements.

Governance and rules

Staff and student communications

Published Papers

Each year, Poultry Research Foundation staff and students submit a considerable numbers of papers, to some of the world’s most renowned animal science journals, for publishing. The majority of their work is readily accepted, highlighting not only the importance of the work carried out by the PRF on the world stage, but also the commitment and quality of all of our researchers.
A number of journals that our staff have recently featured in are listed below:

Invited Presentations

Another aspect of the Poultry Research Foundation’s research staff and student contribution to the poultry industry, is the attendance and presentation of their research at numerous conferences, seminars and workshops throughout the year, not only in Australia, but worldwide.
Some of the events where PRF staff and students have presented at include:


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