Annual Reports

NOTE: The NSW Auditor General performs the Audit of Financial statements of the University as a whole. The Auditor-General has not specifically performed procedures that ensured that the financial statement presented in our Annual Reports prior to 2013 were true and fair or in accordance with the University’s accounting policies. Further, at the date the certification was signed by the Finance Director, the Audit-General had not completed the audit of the University’s financial statements.

Governance and rules



Executive Members

Associate Members

Honorary Governors

  • Emer. Prof. E. Frank Annison
  • Dr. Balkar S. Bains
  • Dr. Derick Balnave
  • Prof. Wayne L. Bryden
  • Dr. Ron MacAlpine
  • Ms. Judith O’Keefe
  • Dr. Linda Browning


  • Veterinary Science and Life & Environmental Science – Heads of Schools
  • Australian Eggs – Program Manager
  • Agrifutures Chicken Meat Program – Program Manager
  • Poultry Hub Australia – Representative
  • World’s Poultry Science Association (Australian Branch) – President


Key Staff

  • President – Ms Lisa Jamieson
  • Deputy President – Mr Richard Browning
  • Director – Prof. Mingan Choct

General Members

  • Baiada Pty Limited – Ms. Katherine Balding
  • BEC Food Solutions Pty Ltd – Dr. David Isaac
  • Feedworks – Dr. Stuart Wilkinson
  • Inghams Enterprises Pty Limited – Mr. Ryan Hopcroft
  • Kemin Australia – Mr. Stuart Court
  • Novus Nutrition Pty Ltd – Mr. Matt Bekker
  • Weston Animal Nutrition – Ms. Moreen Ali

University Members

  • Dean – Faculty of Science – Prof. Iain Young (depart 2022)
  • Interim Dean – Faculty of Science – Prof. Philip Gale
  • Division of Alumni & Development – University Foundations – Ms. Alexia Nicholson
  • Head of School and Dean – Sydney School of Veterinary Science (Acting) – Prof. Paul Sheehy
  • Deputy Head of School – Sydney School of Veterinary Science – Prof. Jacqueline Norris

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