APSS 2024 Concludes with Record-Breaking Numbers

By Benjamin Geist

The Australian Poultry Science Symposium (APSS) 2024 wrapped up its program in February with a resounding success, marking a significant milestone for joint coordinators, Poultry Research Foundation – University of Sydney and WPSA – Australian Branch. Hosted at Sheraton Grand – Sydney Hyde Park, this year’s conference shattered previous records, drawing in a record-breaking number of attendees, and receiving an unprecedented volume of paper submissions.

With a staggering 321 attendees from 23 countries across the globe, APSS 2024 became the most well-attended conference in its history. Poultry researchers, post-graduate students, industry experts, producers and stakeholders congregated under one roof to engage in discussions, share insights, and explore the latest advancements in poultry science and technology.

The event provides a platform for professionals from diverse backgrounds to exchange knowledge, network, and foster collaborations aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities facing the poultry sector. From academics to poultry producers, everyone present contributed to the vibrant atmosphere of learning and innovation.

In addition to the remarkable turnout, APSS 2024 set another record with the submission of 100 papers, reflecting the growing interest and enthusiasm for poultry research. These submissions covered a wide range of topics, including nutrition, genetics, health management, welfare, and sustainable production practices, underscoring the conference’s commitment to advancing every aspect of poultry science.

Throughout the three-day event, attendees had the opportunity to attend presentations by 10 invited speakers, scientific sessions featuring 43 of the submitted papers and our poster session featuring the remainder of the 87 papers which made it through the stringent review by our amazing group of volunteer reviewers. Topics ranged from cutting-edge research findings to practical solutions for enhancing poultry productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

Moreover, the conference provides a platform for emerging researchers and students to present their work, gain valuable feedback, and establish connections within the poultry science community. The enthusiasm and passion exhibited by young professionals underscored the bright future ahead for the industry.

Among the highlights of APSS 2024 was the unveiling of this year’s winner of the WPSA Australia Branch, Australian Poultry Award – Dr Kenneth Bruerton. Also notably the Poultry Hub – Mingan Choct Award for the Best Student Oral Presentation was given to Mr Caleb Wellard from the Deakin University, and the Poultry Research Foundation award for the Best Student Poster went to Miss Rafika Tunisa from the University of Queensland.

As APSS 2024 came to a close, participants departed with renewed inspiration, valuable insights, and a deeper appreciation for the pivotal role of poultry science in addressing global food security challenges. The record-breaking success of this year’s conference serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication and collective efforts of all involved in advancing the global poultry industry.

We also mustn’t forget to thank our amazing sponsors, as without their support APSS could definitely not have reached these milestone heights. 2024 saw a record number of sponsors as well with 26 organisations involved. It is so great to see so many companies supporting our symposium year after year, with BEC & Adisseo reaching 20 year milestones this year. We must also make mention to Agrifutures (and all the past RIRDC bodies), and Aus Eggs (and all the past Egg Industry NFP organisations), for their continual support of APSS every single year since it began in 1989. And finally a special mention to our Diamond Sponsor, dsm-firmenich, as this is the 4th consecutive year that this company has been the major sponsor for our event. Looking ahead, the legacy of APSS 2024 will continue to resonate as the poultry community remains committed to fostering innovation, collaboration, and sustainable practices to meet the evolving needs of a growing population. With anticipation building for the next edition of the conference, the future of poultry science appears brighter than ever before.

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